Our Mission

We serve the 17% of Ethiopians who live with disabilities.


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Saba’s Story

Saba was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After contracting Polio as a child, she went through surgeries and therapies at an early age that helped her gain the ability to walk. At 14, Saba came to the United States with her family and began her new life.

Then, in her 30s, Saba returned to Ethiopia – and her life’s calling began. Click here to to learn more. 

Our Results

To date, we’ve distributed nearly 800 wheelchairs and 900 sets of therapy and rehabilitation equipment.

Our vision is that Ethiopia would see mobility and dignity for every citizen, that no child or adult would have to crawl on the floor or bear the shame of being unable to move freely.

Your support allows us to save lives and to proclaim God’s love to every man, woman and child.

Cargo Containers Shipped

Lives Changed

Still Waiting

Our Process

Our mission spans the entire globe. Agape Mobility Ethiopia receives donated wheelchairs from many partners in many countries. Wheelchairs and other mobility devices are matched to each individual’s needs.  

Receive and Refurbish

We receive and refurbish donated wheelchairs and other mobility devices from individuals, nursing homes, and ministry partners around the world.

Ship Overseas

We pack and ship standard cargo containers for the voyage to East Africa and overland hauling to Ethiopia. Shipping is our largest expense.

Distribute in Ethiopia

We work closely with local leaders to ensure our wheelchairs reach those in greatest need. We fit wheelchairs to adults, youth, and children.

Our Focus

We provide wheelchairs to adults, teens, and children throughout Ethiopia — from the cities to the rural villages. This map shows some of the locations where our wheelchairs have changed lives for good.

Ethiopia is a nation with …

  • Population of 115 million
  • 80% rural, 20% urban
  • One of the world’s oldest cultures
  • Ethnic diversity, with 100+ languages
  • Religious diversity, primarily Orthodox Christian, Muslim, Protestant, Roman Catholic, and traditional beliefs.





Agape Mobility Ethiopia believes everyone one who needs a wheelchair in Ethiopia should have one.


To promote the joy of giving and provide mobility solutions to children, teens, and adults with disabilities in Ethiopia so that they can be empowered to live fulfilling purposeful lives. Agape Mobility Ethiopia believes no children should be crawling on the floor. We want to offer a transformation that opens doors to education, employment opportunities and community that these individuals only dreamed of before receiving the gift of mobility.


  • We honor God in all we do
  • We pursue excellence in all our work
  • We commit to transparency in our relationship, operations, and finances

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